Sugar Cane Sweeties (1994)

Acrylic on Canvas – Triptych.

8’h x 10’6”w                                                    Photo Credit – Steve Cohn

Artist's Private Collection, The Milking Parlour, Walkers Dairy, St. George, Barbados

“Sugar cane Sweeties is a triptych that explores the tensions of our stratified society. The first panel depicts a severed hand gripping a stalk of cane, an omen sent from the past in memorial of those who were forced to sacrifice life and limb to the plantation. A cutlass emerges from the first scene onto the next, its bloody blade responsible for the open wound inflicted on the hearts of our people. Painful memories released in a torrent of blood, violently imposing on our identity. The local sweets of childhood memory, called “comfort”, “basket” and “cock’s head” dangle helplessly, unable to comfort the pain. No one is immune. Even the plantation appears lifeless, lynched by the very forces it tried to subjugate. A cupcake hangs in the balance, a sweet delectable of refined sugar; blood stained and impotent.” Colleen Lewis 1997 extract from catalogue article.

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