Show Me Your Status (2010)

Object with sound - mini bus (built by Anderson Chase), sound work 2:91 minutes (Mixed by Kite)


18"d x 8"w x 10"h                                               Photo Credit – Dan Christaldi

In 2009, police and immigration increased their 'tracking' of CARICOM non-nationals by engaging in house raids and searches in nightclubs and on public transportation vehicles.  If people were unable to show ID cards, work permits or stamps in their passport that indicated they were on the island legally, they were taken out of their home, or off the bus, and deported.  'Show me your status' presents a recording of a woman from St. Vincent who recounts her experience of being approached on a mini bus by three immigration officials and one police officer and of being publicly humiliated by being asked to show her status.  

(use the player to listen to the sound)


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