Suite of drawings and paintings (2014). Photo credit - Mark King.


Saccharum officinarum and Queen Anne’s Lace, 70" h x 88" w Latex paint on dry wall 2014

sugar please

I take my tea with sugar, please, 77"h x 22 1/2 "w Latex paint on paper

saccharum 2

“Saccharum officinarum and Queen Anne’s Lace” - Latex paint on hard board, 68”h X 88” w 2014


I began this work by drawing a piece of Queen Anne’s lace on my studio wall, taking the pattern from a piece my mother had been crocheting intermittently over a fifty year period. Next to it, I drew the rattoon of a sugar cane plant with an exaggerated rhizomatic root structure that looked like the inner workings of a pair of lungs. The sugar cane plant started to breathe and the two forms began to negotiate their boundaries and reach out to each other. The images rerouted themselves to suggest in a Glissantian way that identity is not solely within the root itself but becomes more alive in relation with the other. My father was a planter and my mother was a bookkeeper and homemaker - what I had drawn was a portrait of my parents.