From Knots to Medals (1999 - 2001)

Pencil on Paper, pencil, acrylic, fabric on board.

Knotty Head

                                                         Photo Credit – Abigail Hadeed

Artist's Private Collection, Milking Parlour, Walkers Dairy, St. George, Barbados

Photo Credit – Abigail Hadeed

Knotty Head is the first work in a series of eight works collectively titled FROM KNOTS TO MEDALS, including Bound to Myself and My Other, Drinking my Own Milk, Letting Go, Trying to Find my Centre, Touching the Void, Stigma and Medals.

This series navigates tangled threads of history allowing a transformation from a fixed sense of self to a shared identity. Knotted pieces of fabric accumulate to signify struggle, release and growth.

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