Just Beyond My Imagination (2006 - 2007)

Installation - Indoor/Outdoor carpeting, cast plaster moulds, sand, engraved red carpet, flag pole with embroidered flag, golf ball, 15’w x 12’d x 8’h 2007 

The title of this work is adapted from the Barbados Board of Tourism’s marketing slogan “BARBADOS – Just Beyond Your Imagination”. Having hosted the Golf World Cup Championships in December 2006, complete with international ESPN coverage, the small island developing state of Barbados (21 x 14 miles) saw the island transforming into an international golfing center. This installation presents the countries of the Caribbean archipelago (minus Haiti & Guyana) as sand traps locked into a sea of perfectly manicured green grass, with no sign of water. The flagpole bears the ironic title of the work, making reference to ways in which the region continues to develop playgrounds for visitors, re-inscribing the Caribbean as an exotic paradise offering the best resources to only those who can afford it. Land, formerly developed as sugarcane plantations is now cultivated as tourist repositories, transforming fields of sugarcane to even sweeter tropical getaways.



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