Evocations of a Caribbean (2001)

Cuccinia grandes, Tonka Bean, Mahogany and drift wood with acrylic paint.

Size each unit approximately 14”h x 20”w x 3”d Photo Credit - Jeffrey Bishop

National Art Gallery Collection, Bay House, Bay Street, St. Michael, Barbados

Evocations of a Caribbean is a historical series of self-portraits. In this work, I move through space and time to become a Caribbean woman infused with various ethnicities, along with alter-egos represented by corresponding deities. In response to the long tradition of mapping the Caribbean, often in response to the female body, I take back this cartography and use my body to map a female Caribbean, in plural and spiritual terms, and to claim a collective history. I am at once a Karib woman, an English lady and the Virgin Mary, a Yoruba princess and Erzulie, Gong and the Boddishatva etc.


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