Sweet Island Cookie Cutters – Sweet Fuh So!

Seven Acrylic cookie cutters, indoor/outdoor carpet and laser engraved andiroba boxes. Each box measures 7.75" x 7.75" x 2" 2013

Cutter 1 Cutter2  
Cutter3 Cutter4  
Cutter5 Cutter6  

This work is a response to the developers' vision of Barbados as a perfectly shaped environment, one that offers well-packaged, exclusive home environments, built around golf courses and polo fields. Most of the very expensive west or ‘gold coast’ of the island’s shorelines is no longer visible from the coastal roads - hotels or homes built by absentee homeowners block the views. Similarly, the south coast is becoming increasingly over developed meaning that interior spaces are progressively in demand. These interior lands are gradually being fashioned into upmarket ‘community living' centres, complete with white picket fences, man made ponds and Miami styled, cookie cutter townhouses/villas/mansions. This suite of seven wooden boxes with laser engraved lids, each slide open to reveal plastic cookie cutters in the shape of a cocktail glass, palm tree etc. The piece speaks to how tropical paradise is packaged, reproducing stereotypes that are on replay. 


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