Contemporary Middle Passage (here) and (there) (1996)

Mixed media on Paper.


16’ h x 6’ w (One piece of paper with images on both sides of the paper)
                                                            Photo Credit – Freddie Hergott

Artist's Private Collection, The Milking Parlour, Walkers Dairy, St. George, Barbados

Sixteen feet long and six feet wide, this double sided work on a single piece of paper shows on the (here) side, a woman falling in the abyss, holding onto her umbilicus, trying to situate herself between a island image seen through rose coloured glasses at the foot of the painting, a royal palm and a hand reaching for a rooted home. On the reverse, the woman flys high in the sky, head amongst the birds, luggage trailing behind, suspended in a Caribbean migrant dilemma between here and there.

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