Peter Laurie


Peter Laurie was born in Barbados and was educated at the universities of Oxford, West Indies and Toronto. He served for thirty years in the Barbados diplomatic service, including as ambassador in Washington D.C.. He ended his career serving as Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs from 1989 until he retired in 1999.


Since retiring, he has published three books of children’s fiction, a book on the Barbadian rum shop, a book on West Indies cricket, a book on Barbados, a book on the street food of Barbados, a one-pot Caribbean cookbook, and an eBook of humorous newspaper columns he wrote.  He has also written four plays which have been produced locally as well as in St Kitts, St Lucia and Trinidad.  He was awarded the Barbados Gold Crown of Merit in 2001. He is married to Pamela Laurie. They have one son, Christopher.





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