Project 45 (4)

‘Migrant Discourse’ is an eight and a half minute, four screen, looped video installation. Although presented here in a compressed version and as a split screen; when installed,
this work is to be projected in a black box onto four walls. The work presents a conversation between four Caribbean nationals who discuss their migrant reality.

MIgrant Discourse is the fourth work in an evolving series of works collectively titled Project 45. Project 45 evolved out of my thirty-minute video project - On the Map.

Project 45 responds to Article 45 of the Revised Treaty of Chaguaramas, signed by fourteen Caribbean countries in 2001
to create a single market and economy. Article 45 declares that Member States “commit themselves to the goal of free movement of nationals within the Community.” Article 45 is yet to be implemented.

My goal with Project 45 is to create a body of artistic works that take a critical view of the top down approach to Caribbean integration, expose the cultural heterogeneity of Caribbean People, while at the same time reveal underlying interconnectivities and advance a sense of Caribbean identity based on respectful coexistence.

Migrant Discourse (2009) (Loop)

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