"A Collection of Civilised Creoles Continue to Cross the Middle Passage of the Southern Caribbean" (2006)

Video Installation with audio. Looped image projected onto large drawing on plastic.
Artist's Private Collection, Milking Parlour, Walkers Dairy, St. George, Barbados

The world continues to see increased migrant activity with people moving as a result of war, famine, ethnic cleansing, economic and political instabilities.

An archipelago situated in the belly of the Americas, the Caribbean shares a five hundred year history of forced and voluntary migrations, invasions, settlements and emigrations.

While thirty-four million tourists visit this tropical paradise annually, the Caribbean experiences some of the world’s highest rates of emigration.

This installation presents stills of cattle egrets (who migrated to the Caribbean from the African continent) and un/documented migrants of the Southern Caribbean positioned between shifting sands on the coast and an airstrip. This four and a half minute looped collage of images is projected onto a large scale drawing on transparent plastic sheeting of a spinal column that has sprouted wings from the pelvic girdle. The Creole Chant is the audio component to the work.






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