Unearthing Voices: An Interdisciplinary Archaeology Project


I am currently collaborating with archaeologists Dr. Matthew Reilly of Brown University in the USA, and Professor Niall Finneran and post graduate candidate Lucy Willans, both of Winchester University in the UK on an inter-disciplinary project called Unearthing Voices. This collaboration uses archaeology, heritage studies, social practice and contemporary art practice to explore the material heritage of Barbados as well as emerging responses of a community engaging with that heritage.

The project recognises the need to create discursive spaces, within and across nations and disciplines, to create valuable opportunities for the next generation to build new understandings of complex histories, by exploring and challenging traditional concepts of ‘community’, 'art practice' and ‘heritage’.

Since an initial investigative dig in September 2014 on Walkers Dairy, St. George, Barbados - the site of my home and studio, originally operational as a sugarcane plantation from the 1660s - plans are now under way for a community archaeological dig to uncover the remains of original plantation buildings, associated artifacts and the sites of enslaved/indentured villages. Unearthing Voices will develop a ‘field school’ offering long term excavation opportunities on the site for extended periods during the summer breaks.












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