This page is dedicated to the websites of organisations advancing the work of Caribbean Visual Arts in the region and worldwide. These organisations provide platforms for the discussion of contemporary arts in the Caribbean.

Fresh Milk

FRESH MILK is an artist led initiative offering an informal platform for exchanges among contemporary practitioners/thinkers/writers/makers.

FRESH MILK aims to support interactions across disciplines and contribute to an increasingly rich discourse surrounding creative production within the informal networks of the Caribbean.  Its seasonal programming offers events in the Wet Season and the Dry Season and is committed to bringing people and ideas together.

Click here to visit the Fresh Milk Blog.

ARC Magazine

ARC Magazine highlights the work of established and emerging Caribbean Artists. Established by artists Nadia Huggins and Holly Bynoe, ARC offers the platform to shed insight into the practices of the creative industries.

Click here to visit their website.

National Art Gallery of Bahamas (NAGB)

This is the premeir arts institution of Bahamas. For more on this organisation that engages the history of Bahamian Visual arts visit here.

Alice Yard

This is a backyard space with a great tradition of play and imagination, that is now the platform for arts, conversation, creative experiment, collaboration and improvisation.Click here to learn more via their blog.

Tembe Art Studio

This vibrant art studio in Suriname is making a name for itself regionally and internationally, while supporting the creative spirit of its community in Moengo, Surimane. Also known for its artist residencies, Tembe Art Studio has hosted artists from all over the world including Sheena Rose from Barbados and Pieter Kemink from Amsterdam.

Click here to learn more about Tembe Art Studio.

Popop Studios

This International Centre for the Visual Arts supports the work of artists by offering exhibitions, residencies, classes and workshops. Click here to learn more.

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